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Satelliet modules of i-Golf : i-Card

i-Card is the module that allows a club to allow certain functionalities to Belgian intelligent federation cards or his own intelligent membershipcards.

For certain functionalities, i-Golf coöperates with the parters EM Group, Antenor and Eutronix. 

The federation cards, own membershipcards or daypasses can charged with certain functionalities (ballcredit or access control) using the module Member Management.

Advantages for (early)payer can be added to the card automatically. Deze advantages can be: free ballcredit or free greenfee credit.

Access control :

  • i-Card allows a full integration of i-Golf with the access control of the EM-group.
  • The daily management of access control is completely managed from the module Member Management.
  • New members will be added automatically. The access will be denied if the golfer does not extend his membership or if it expires.
  • The Member Management decides if the golfer can access the lockers, bagstorage, changing rooms and so on.
  • Automatic check in of reserved teetimes is also possible with Access control.


Private Payment Solutions :

  • The card can keep track of different kinds of credit (ballcredit, greenfee credit, ...)
  • Greenfee krediet : Charging and deduction of the credit happends at the secretariat.
  • Ballcredit: charging and deduction of the credit happends at the balldispenser.
  • Charging of new creditvalue is possible at the secretariat or at the chargingstation for ballcredit.

Expendable :

  • Thanks to the Mifare technologie, other suppliers can place functionalities on the same card without a security issue occurring.

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