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Business & Industries

Industrial applications

As you can see, we offer numerous products. We have a few products that are finished, and products that we develop or adapt to your preferences. Do you have any questions about one of our products? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Network Management

We manage your network. This includes us to follow the server- and networksoftware and keeping it up to date. the security and speed of your network is garanteed because of this formula.

System Management

If you choose the formula System Management, we are in control of the Network Management(see previous paragraph) and the management of your PC- and serverparks. we take care of the installation of you PC-software, check if the backup runs without errors, firewall, antivirus, ... In short: you won't have to worry about the IT in your company.


Contact us!

Info Service Belgium

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9000 GENT (België)

BTW: BE 0431.375.925

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